Saturday, April 4, 2009

gooseberries by sterling andrews

The intersection between art and music is an interesting place: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec got bored painting, wandered down to the Moulin Rouge for a break, and voila, the seeds for cover art were sown -- along with, if records are any indication, a whole lot of wild oats...or so I've heard. Even with the mp3 player shrinking our favorite album images down to smudgy squares in the corners of our iTunes, generations later artists and musicians are still teaming together finding new ways of co-sponsoring our flights of fancy.

In that proud tradition, LA-based rock photographer Sterling Andrews has captured music's power to transport and inspire in the whimsical lithograph collection Goosberries (available today).

The premise: LA-based bands (including WBH favorites: Silversun Pickups, Earlimart, and Great Northern) are photographed against bright, hand-painted backdrops. The result: punk fairy-tale images, far removed from traditional band lineup shots.

It's clear the musicians were more than willing to play Andrews' game. Natural storytellers, they become otherworldly characters inhabiting the dynamic backdrops -- The Happy Hollows pose as punk fortune tellers -- not a stretch by any means, but dang they look like they're having fun! Meanwhile, Afternoons stage a gothic family portrait, and Great Northern looks ready to conjure up magic, be it musical or otherwise...

A collection for musical/art completists alike, the limited edition book also comes with a behind-the-scenes DVD. 'Cause if there's one thing more intriguing than having your favorite artists inspire your daydreams, it's peeking behind the curtain to figure out how out how they do it.

mp3: "Lieutenant" by Happy Hollows
mp3: "Wanting Want" by Pity Party
mp3: "Song For" by Earlimart
mp3: "Houses" by Great Northern

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