Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring tides by jeniferever

Jeniferever represents another rare split decision. I hate split decisions: they ruin my blogging M.O., which consists of jumping up and down and screaming, "No really! This is awesome! Buy it!" (This statement may or may not be punctuated by a girly scream.) However, I suspect if I hadn't been infected with ako's shoegazing fever, thus requiring an almost constant stream of Mew and Silversun Pickups, I'd probably have let the Uppsala quartet's newest album, Spring Tides (out now) completely pass me by.

Instrumentally, I'm 100% behind this album. There's a delicate sensitivity, reminiscent of Sigur Ros by way of Explosions In the Sky. The vocal-free moments of the titular track almost match the pace of a beating heart. Neat. Even before I'd googled the cover art, the music had me dreaming of laying under the night sky with a loved one (tba). As far as tone poetry goes, this is a success.

The problem, of course, are the vocals. Sitting above the mix rather than in it, Kristofer Jönson's vocals come straight from the school of early 90s sensitive radio-friendly rock. At the best moments they remind me of a angst-free Conor Oberst, which, being a Bright Eyes fan, I'm more than willing to offer up as a compliment. And on songs like "Concrete and Glass" it works. Well, almost. However, I can't help but thinking if Jönson's voice were pulled back into the mix just a tiny bit more, acting as an additional instrumental element rather than a focal point, its haunting, transformative tone would have elevated Spring Tides to something really magical.

mp3: "Green Meadow Island" by Jeniferever

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what does "(tba)" mean? ;)