Thursday, May 28, 2009

jens lekman @ the echo

To truly understand the WBH love for Jens Lekman, I strongly suggest starting with our previous concert reviews. Not that every time Jens takes the stage isn't a unique experience (each show is so intimate that last night he made the "naïve request" that no one post audio or video of the show to keep it "just between us"). It's just, how many times can I squeal in a public forum before I start coming off as a slightly deranged, slightly repetitive, slightly decidedly fanatical fan-girl? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

After over a year's absence, Jens' return to Los Angeles was the love-fest we've all been waiting for. Taking the tiny Echo stage with his truncated band and faithful DJ Viktor Sjöberg, Jens opened with a new song, the homage-heavy "The Summer Never Ends", before seamlessly launching into clear audience favorites, "Your Arms Around Me" and "Sipping On the Sweet Nectar", complete with a "arm-airplane" trip around the stage. That was me, grinning like an idiot. Irony is so hipster-2008.

In addition to debuting several new songs, including the Paul Simon-esque "The End of the World is Bigger Than Love" and Australia-themed, "Argument With Myself", Jens also surprised his audience by playing several live-rarities, including a sing-along version of my
2007 theme song "Kanske Ar Jag Kar i Dig1." The night ended with Jens on one knee, playing "Silvia", an ode to what he that was a memory of meeting the queen of Sweden -- only to be told by his mother after he wrote it that said memory was a dream. Thankfully, his charming preformance was 100% real.

Opening the show was comedienne Tig Notaro, whose wry humor complimented Jens' music far better than any opening band.

1. However, it can be argued that the line, Best way to touch your heart/is to make an ass of myself, is really more of a life theme.

mp3: "Do You Remember The Riots (orchestral version)" by Jens Lekman
mp3: "Lönlöv (Swedish version of Maple Leaves)" by Jens Lekman


Jeff said...

Saw Jens the other night in San Diego and it was awesome. Loved his cover of "Water Runs Dry."

Jess said...

oh jens, you're so dreamy! that boy must come back to the east coast soon.

Sophie said...

So psyched for his Bottom of the Hill show on Tuesday. Can't wait to see him with a full band again and so excited for the new songs! I definitely understand the strength of your fandom and am in full support of it.