Saturday, May 30, 2009

passion pit @ the echoplex

When all the evening's entertainment was said and done, my friend turned to me and remarked, "that was the happiest show I've ever been to!" With succinct friends like this, who needs blogging? He's right though, after the rainbow-dripped synths of Passion Pit, the only appropriate closing act would have been a box of puppies.

The amount of energy and charm Passion Pit brings to the stage is ridiculous. Formed only two years ago and minted as a critics' darlings of this year's SXSW, it's tough to remember these guys -- already pros -- are still just kids. Watching the band hold court over the sold-out, wildly dancing Echoplex, crowd cheering with approval at first-note recognition of favorites off just-released Manners, it doesn't take an expert to predict that they've got a brilliant electro-indie future. While the show lacked in introspective moments, how can argue with a falsetto-laced "Sleepyhead" singalong? Certainly not me.

Also playing were Harlem Shakes, a large musical collective whose radio-friendly pop-refrains and skinny jeans left me longing for a return of the glory days of Ween and Weezer. Opening the show was Cale Parks, a man with a drum set, large sample collection, and an abundance of ambition that makes me think it's time I set about finishing my novel and/or joining my friends for karaoke night.

(photo Passion Pit: Elizabeth Weinberg)

mp3: "Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit


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