Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ticket giveaway: m83 @ glass house in pomona (5/20)

The Powers That Be have smiled upon Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster, providing us with two pairs of tickets to the upcoming M83 show at the Glass House in Pomona, Wednesday 5/20. This is one of the last west coast dates supporting John Hughes-inspired Saturdays=Youth, so needless to say, the geek-outs around WBH HQ are at a high.

To win: e-mail us at wouldbehipster(at)gmail.com with an 80s-themed haiku.

Pontificate on Madonna's cone bra or Robert Smith's make-up. Write an ode to your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. Immortalize that terrible fashion choice you made in high school -- anything is fair game as long as it's in haiku form.

The two most amusing poems will both get a pair of tickets to the show.

Contest closes Sunday, 5/17.

Winners will be announced Monday, 5/18.

Good luck!

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