Thursday, June 18, 2009

bat for lashes @ el rey

I want to be Natasha Khan (a.k.a. Bat For Lashes) when I grow up. Possessing a magical ability to to synthesize words, sounds, and visuals into an otherworldly live experience, seeing her at El Rey theater was like...well, indescribable. (Dude.)

The night started big with Two Suns opener "Glass." And by big I mean big. The perfect glass shattering note in the chorus? I've been living in denial -- she can hit it live. Coupled with the second song of the night, conveniently the second song off Two Suns, "Sleep Alone," I begun to wonder if Khan realized she still had another hour and a half or so of stage time. That's just it though -- every song rang with power and confidence (as did I my ears -- I was two dumbfounded to remember earplugs) and, it fair to say out right awesomeness? This folks, is the kind of show that leaves attendees slack-jawed and bloggers sounding sycophantic. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Dude!)

The highlights of the night were seeing Khan preform reworkings of songs I've yet to emotionally connect with. "Peace of Mind" proved all Khan needs to captivate a large auditorium is an auto harp and her voice, "The Wizard" demonstrated the engrossing power of sleigh bells, and "Two Planets" was an percussive blanket of sound -- the kind of engrossing wave of energy that makes you want to invest in floor-to-ceiling speakers for your home. So that's what it's supposed to sound like! (Dude!!) We even had two chances to appreciate Two Sun's single "Daniel." After a harpsichord version (which slowed the song down to a haunting ballad that could have slipped into either Bat For Lashes album) we were given an extra encore dose of "Daniel" in its synth-heavy danceable form. Now normally repeating a song feels like a bit of a cop-out, but by the second encore I surely wasn't the only one wishing I cold be Khan when I grow up. It's Bat For Lashes' (surreal) world...we're just living in it.

I may sound even geekier than usual, but I urge you...go see Bat For Lashes live. Be sure to let me know what you think. Maybe your grownup words are stronger than mine.

mp3: "Glass (live via RCRDL)" by Bat For Lashes
mp3: "I'm On Fire (live)" by Bat For Lashes

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