Saturday, June 6, 2009

carina round @ hotel cafe + autographed cd contest

Carina Round is awesome. Wanna know exactly how awesome she is?

Contest: E-mail us with your mailing address and profound or absurd fact that we should know. The person who makes us giggle or ponder our on mortality the most wins an autographed copy of Carina Round's new EP Things You Should Know. Contest closes Monday night @ 8pm (PST).

Edit: Congrats to Ash Morse, who told us about this! RAD!

And now, the big question: How is she live? Well...I'd recommend making her show a priority. Round is pretty girl with an edge -- and she'll be damned if you walk away without realizing it. An explosive, big-voiced performer, Round doesn't just borrow a page from the PJ Harvey playbook -- she bleeds all over it, infusing the style with so much of her personal DNA there's no chance Polly Jean is ever getting it back .

Interestingly enough, it's Round's intimidating and candid performer's spirit that also made Wednesday night's gig such an intriguing, yet accessible show. In between songs, speaking voice punctuated with a series of girly giggles, Round flirted with the audience, mentioning that it only took a month to sell out her residence, encouraging people to buy her album and/or buy her a drink, and punctuating each joke with a playful, "just kidding." A gracious host at what was essentially her personal closed-bar cocktail party, it was clear that love between the audience and performer went both ways -- as evidenced by the crowded room's willingness to chime in on the chorus of "Backseat."

Her last show at Hotel Cafe before heading overseas to her native UK for a string of gigs, it was clear that neither that by set's end, no one was quite ready to call it a night. That's okay, no matter how far Round roams, it's clear she'll always be welcomed home to LA with open arms.

(photo Carina Round: David Studarus)

mp3: " Backseat (Flash In the Pan remix)" by Carina Round

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