Monday, June 22, 2009

chairlift @ the getty

A good synth is hard to find. That is, unless you were at the Getty Center Saturday night, rocking out to Chairlift.

Despite the somewhat awkward preforming conditions (How do you sell synth rock to an huge audience -- a portion of which are restless, albeit art-appreciating families accidentally caught in the glut of hipsterdom?), the band tossed off their trademark sultry and occasionally creepy music with the ease of an already seasoned ensemble. (Of course, with a touring schedule like this, that's not hard to achieve.)

Of course, for those of us that knew what we were in for, the night held a series of reminders: Your speakers are crap, and if you ever want to replicate the live experience you should probably look into replacing them. By the time you remember to do so, there'll probably be several new Chairlift songs to enjoy, all filled with the same sort of energy that made you fall in love in the first place...

I watched the brief set from a spot far past the bar, just behind the fountain, tree branches in my eyes. Somewhere in the distance, Caroline Polachek didn't just play her keyboard but appeared to float over the top of it, startling large voice ringing out a call to anyone who dare challenge her, whacking a cowbell with what could only be described as an untapped vengeance. I could have complained about the obscured view, about the people around me who were out for an evening's picnic rather than a show. But somehow, brushing leaves out of my hair, shivering slightly in the night air, the scene was perfect. "This is the music of hipster forest nymphs!" I whispered to my friends, all who shook their heads in agreement. We smiled, and together, watched as, for a moment, our lives were graced with a strange, synth-tinged perfection.

Video by:
Eszter Zimanyi

Edit: Now that Chairlift is playing in the big leagues, previous Mp3 freebies are considered "copyright infringement." Pity.

mp3: "Earwig Town" by Chairlift
mp3: "Evident Utensil" by Chairlift


Eszter said...


That's my Chairlift video you have there. Flattered you posted it! If you could credit me for it I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much
-Eszter Zimanyi

LMS said...

Thanks for the heads-up! You have been properly credited and linked to.