Wednesday, June 10, 2009

classic sinatra II by frank sinatra

Frank Sinatra is one of those rare artists that have an undisputed cross-cultural, multi-generational appeal. Hipsters love him because, well, let's face it -- most of them seem to still be trying to emulate his slick sense of cool. Fans of The Godfather dig his potential gangster connection. Hopeless romantics like me love his dreamy, slightly camp view of love. Even my grandmother loved him, probably because she had a few romantic nights sound-tracked by Ol' Blue Eyes. Heck, even now defunct Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1 used to play the "Furious Frankie at Five." Because no one's more punk rock than Sinatra!

For those ready to move past the first round of essential Sinatra, Classic Sinatra II is a brilliant collection. This is of course, not a difficult review -- Sinatra never went electric, made a metal album, or indulged in Euro-reggae, thus leaving him with a cohesive body of work ripe for album repacking and Woody Allen soundtracks for years still to come. In addition to to tracks you probably haven't absorbed via pop-culture, there's "All of Me" (also covered by Billie Holiday), and familiar for anyone who's shamefully set though an episode of "Married With Children, " "Love and Marriage." (No matter how refined you think you are I dare you not to think of Al Bundy by the second note.)

Bottom line1: Buy this and you'll be a sexier, more well-rounded music fan.

See look! Instant sex-appeal:

1. I love me a good cooperate shill.

Stream: "Pennies From Heaven" by Frank Sinatra

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