Monday, June 1, 2009

king khan & the shrines @ the echo

I’m gonna try to make this one short and sweet. I went to a rock show at the Echo Friday night. And it rocked.

Wounded Lion open. Never have I been quite so blown away by an unknown opener. Lead singer is a 40-year-old with a cop ‘stache. Keyboardist is a pudgy, speccy Asian dude who probably worked with my engineer father on the stealth bomber. Musical instruments are shared by all and switched often. There’s a couple of young geeky kids in the back somewhere. They’re doing garage post-punk music about constellations and physics and Star Wars. They do Credence’s "Bad Moon Rising" as if Devo and the Ramones had formed a super group. Oh yes.

Second opener isMark Sultan, also known as BBQ. He plays guitar and drums at the same time, and does amazing garage doo-wop songs while the crowd bopps and flails and moshes. The irritating redhead who was slamming into people all night gets an empty Red Stripe bottle smashed over his head1. This does not, however, stop the rock.

King Khan and the Shrines take the stage. There’s about a dozen people performing, including horns, keyboards, guitars, bass, and Hagrid on drums. Let us not forget the cheerleader with black pom-poms, cute little fascinator, and a jar of glitter. And King Khan himself, dressed in white leopard print jacket and feathered headband. For the hour he’s onstage, he rules the world. There’s a five-minute monologue about being "reborn" in the most graphic sense possible, but other than that, it’s nothing but loud, stupid, wonderful rock ‘n’ roll music that sounds like it should have been dug up from the rafters of Motown headquarters where Spector stashed it in 1968 for being a little too psychedelic and raunchy. I don't really know how to describe the music, but it makes me dance. This is seriously powerful stuff, man.

mp3: "Outta My Mind" by BBQ, from Tie Your Noose
mp3: "No Regrets" by King Khan & the Shrines, from What Is?!

1. Let this be a lesson, kids: Just because you’re excited about the show, that doesn’t mean it’s your job to get everyone else excited too, because some of us are grownups and it hurts our bum hips to jump around that much. Not that I’m condoning the beating of college students, just please, stop rubbing up against me. Especially after a girl's poured a drink poured over your head for being an ass. Ick.

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natasha said...

they're playing in chicago tonight! i can't wait