Monday, June 8, 2009

the loud wars by so many dynamos

Tomorrow -- Tuesday, June 9, 2009 -- Vagrant Records is releasing So Many Dynamos' third full-length album, titled The Loud Wars. And, readers? I feel very strongly about this: You should go buy it. You should go buy it twice.

Okay. Maybe I'm a little overly invested because I've been reading their blog for two years. Maybe, just maybe, my objectivity is suspect due to the fact that their excellent 2006 album, Flashlights, dropped into my life under gloriously exceptional circumstances that I'll probably never recover from. But neither of these concessions really changes anything.

The Loud Wars is good. It's fun and danceable, it's appropriately loud, and, in the end, it reminds us that we're all going to die. Probably in an earthquake.1 Much of the apocalyptic imagery extends directly from Flashlights, except this time around the effect is somewhat less sobering and somewhat more like being trapped in a vintage video game where you get all the way to level 367, only to drown in lava. Like I said, fun.

Also fun? Going to live shows. Dynamos have already embarked on the requisite album-supporting tour, and you should definitely go see them. I'm rusty at this blogging thing; I have no witty closing line. Just go!

1Not that, as a resident of Los Angeles, this was really news to me.

mp3: "New Bones" by So Many Dynamos

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