Tuesday, June 30, 2009

reminder: tell us about summer music...win free crap!

Just a friendly reminder/repost:

I'll keep this one short and sweet.

We like summer. You like free crap. Hockey likes a rock song with a good hook.

Why not combine forces?

Contest: email us at Wouldbehipster@gmail.com with your favorite summer anthem and memory attached to it. We're not looking for the most obscure, indie-riffic song out there,1 just a good story, preferably one with a suitably high geek factor. Extra points for illustrations and/or pie references.

Two Winners (that's right -- two!) will win autographed Hockey vinyl.

Contest closes July 6th at midnight.

Good luck!

1.Would-Be Hipster guilty pleasures include (but are not limited to): The Monkeys, Ace of Bass, Boy George, Kenny Loggins and Crowded House...and no, I'm not naming names.

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