Saturday, July 11, 2009

andrew bird @ the greek

You know who's awesome? Web In Front. Although I'd highly recommend you refrain from entering any of their time they give away tickets to someone as cool as Andrew Bird I'd hate to think I'd sabotaged my chances of winning.

That Andrew Bird guy is pretty awesome too. At this this point, I'd like to official retract any doubts I've ever expressed about him, either verbally or in writing. Even when faced with microphones gone awry, with looping pedals gone rogue -- forcing a brief interlude while dumbfounded techs crawled around the stage looking for loose wires, causing "Anonanimal" to become a two-part song -- he's still a consummate entertainer. A consummate entertainer who can whistle, swap a guitar for a violin for a glockenspiel for a guitar again...while whistling. A consummate entertainer who can still look shocked when an entire venue bursts out in an impromptu chorus of "Happy Birthday." Okay, okay. I retract any and all doubts...and replace them with a misplaced irritation. I've never dealt well with perceived perfection. It just makes the rest of us look bad.

One of the (many) joys of watching "Mr.Perfect" live in concert is the endless variations he brings to his songs. From additional violin flourishes decorating the top of familiar songs, to Armchair Apocrypha's "Darkmatter" becoming completely transformed into "Sweetbreads" a playful ode to eating of brains and other vital organs, every song was given the sort of live face-lift that makes seeing him live (even twice in the same year) an adventure worth taking.

Material from this year's Noble Beast1 was kept to a surprising minimum. However, in its place was several beloved favorites, including Weather Systems' "Lull" (featuring my new favorite lyric ever, "I'm so lame I bet I think this song is about me") and an encore featuring the titular track of Weather Systems -- which Bird was quick to call an "outdoor song." Ending the concert alone on stage his violin, half a dozen loops, neon-colored socks peaking out from tailored pant-legs, was pretty dang awesome.

1. On a side note: I will buy a drink to anyone who can disprove my theory that Noble Beast is heavily based on Bob Dylan's album Desire.

mp3: "Anonanimal (Live at Radio City Music Hall)" by Andrew Bird
mp3: "Sweetbreads (Live at Radio City Music Hall)" by Andrew Bird
mp3: "Oh No (live on The Tonight Show)" by Andrew Bird
mp3: "Plasticities (live)" by Andrew Bird


Cody J. said...

Totally agree. Andrew Bird is an amazing musician. I was at this very concert and was wondering if you knew the name of the song he called "something from the book of revelations"

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