Monday, July 6, 2009

eros and omissions by LANDy

Yes, the capitalization confused LANDy, is Adam Goldberg. Yes, in addition to being a musician, Adam Goldberg is an actor. But, I've learned that just because I can't walk and chew gum doesn't mean that people like Goldberg can't have multiple talents. However, if I find out he boasts a third skill, like dance or macrame, I'm going to start accusing him of dabbling in the black arts.

Out now, and having sat on my blogging "to-do" list for way too long, Eros and Omissions is the kind of musically quilted soundscape that deserves its day in the sun1. Featuring the talents of Stephen Drozd of the Flaming Lips and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart, this is more than a simple case of "anyone who's a friend of the Flaming Lips and Earlimart is a friend of mine." (Even if there's rarely been a truer statement to grace the pages of our blog.) Goldberg, who got his start recording early numbers into a small Sony tape recorder before looping them with the help of his stereo, is an accomplished and compelling musician. His dabbling, both alone and amongst friends has produced an album that's part epic-freak out (opener "Just a Thought"), part dark-daydream ("Apology (Valentine)," "Home"), and a whole lotta weird.

Even in its breezier moments, Eros and Omissions is permeated with a sense of unease. This is Hollywood in the dark, long after Sunset Strip has closed down for the night. What I can't figure out though -- as I clutch my purse tightly and fondle my pepper spray, opening bars of "Day for Night" playing in my head -- is why the heck is it's so darn comforting!

Chalk it up to the fact that, under LANDy's superficial weirdness, there's a uniting sense of introspection, highlighting Goldberg's vocal sincerity (not unlike Wayne Coyne by way of Zuma Beach). This isn't just an iPod generation collection of singles, this is the sort of album album that can make even the biggest linguistic geek (read: me) forget about LANDy's hanging lower case "y."Will I be your "BFF!"? Why the heck not.

1. SPF 30

mp3: "BFF!" by LANDy

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