Tuesday, July 28, 2009

kleerup by kleerup

Insanity makes for great music. It also makes for a pseudo adult-life filed with late nights and sugary breakfast cereals...but as per usual that's my cross to bear.

Producer Andreas Kleerup is someone who took insanity (and time in a Swedish rehab center) to a great musical place. (Although now I'm longing to ask him on his stance on Frosted Flakes.) After having produced and remixed for the likes of The Shout out Louds, The Concretes, and Cyndi Lauper, Kleerup's self-titled debut album is finally being released stateside (today). A release that's being touted as... an introspective trip into Igmar Bergman-inspired dance-music. The problem of course being that other than picturing this scene with a disco ball, I'm far to ignorant to give you an idea of what that could entail.

Instead, how about another Scandinavian frame of reference? You'd be forgiven for mistaking the mid-tempo, shimmery synths of Kleerup for the lesser-work of another dance mastermind--or rather two masterminds: Norwegian duo Röyksopp. Kleerup goes so far as to take a cue directly from Röyksopp's recent album Junior, enlisting the help of both Lykke Li and Robyn--both whose breathy tracks breath life into his sorrowful but sweet creations. Even the unlikely disco queen Marit Bergman's voice on key track "3Am" weirdly fits--creating some of the cutest disco this side of Sally Shapiro.

It still doesn't flow well enough to give Röyksopp a run for their money (or on the atmospheric final track "I Just Want to Make That Sad Boy Smile" -- Moby). The driving beat of "Thank You For Nothing" falters under the addition of canned vocals. Meanwhile, "Tower Of Trellick" falls flat under an overbearing, repetitive them. Still, overall there's still enough sensitivity and 80s-tinged creativity to make Kleerup an album ripe for repeat listens -- late nights and breakfast cereal optional.

mp3: "Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li) (Mikael's Cello Version)" by Kleerup

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