Monday, July 13, 2009

my guilty pleasure by sally shapiro

With all due respect to Swedish chanteuse Sally Shapiro and her producer Johan Agebjörn, you only got the title of your sophomore album half-right. Pleasure? Well...duh. But My Guilty Pleasure?'ve already stripped away my cynicism. We're way too far into this relationship for shame or guilt.

Out August 25th, My Guilty Pleasure delivers another round of Shapiro's cotton-candy sweet Italo-disco straight to the brain. Honestly, I feel buzzed just writing this. Sally has notably said in regards to her newest release, "It will hopefully make you fall in love with the person sitting next to you on the bus." Somewhere amidst my giddiness, I feel somewhat sad LA public transportation is so lacking. Now I'll never find true love...::tear::

There's a notable additional layer of confidence present this time out. This isn't just a simple homage -- for Shapiro and Agebjörn it's a manifesto. From the summer-fling giddiness of single "Love In July" (Featuring backing vocals from Cloetta Paris) that which spawned a cuter-than-thou video, to the hope-drenched "Miracle," to the straight-up pop sensibilities of "My Moonlight Dance," the synths and hopeless-romanticism are running high. And why shouldn't it? Channeling elements of Italo-disco, acid house, and ABBA (why not?), Shapiro just keeps getting better and better. Too short at a scant nine tracks, including almost completely instrumental opener "Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon?" Yes. Push repeat. Push it twice.

Fair warning -- your summer just got a bit dreamier.

mp3: "Miracle" by Sally Shapiro
mp3: "He Keeps Me Alive" by Sally Shapiro (From Disco Romance)