Friday, July 31, 2009

pink and purple by alan wilkis

It's been a long, hot Los Angeles summer, and between my various summery-type activities I've been frustrated by my lack of an “official summer album.” You know; the one album that will play on your i-pod all summer long and forever define the coming hot and sweaty months of 2009. It wasn't for lack of trying, either - many albums had been called, but few had been chosen... well, actually, none had been chosen. Until now.

You see, dear reader, I had been lost in a sea of post-punk; adrift in a tempest of emotionally charged indie shoe-gaze, and awash in a maelstrom of electro-lament ambient-core. Lost! Lost and left searching for meaning – until I found what can only be described as some sort of electronical-funky nirvana in Alan Wilkis's “Pink and Purple.” It's so cool it's hot - and so hot ... it's awesome. Crafting solid electro-funk tracks replete with hooks, catchy vocals, slick production and the almighty 808, Wilkis knows how to make you get down with a sound that can best described as a mix between scoping out beautiful ladies at the beach and playing an epic synth solo whilst standing atop the Hollywood sign... all in the most awesome way possible.

“Snuggle Up to Nail Down” has an 808 line that'll get you moving, guaranteed; “Dance With You” brings on the disco-funk; and “N.I.C.E” is maybe my favorite track of the album with it's layered, smooth-as-silk production, catchy vocals, and funky attitude to spare. The album won't change the way you listen to music; but that is hardly it's intent. It's admittedly just a fun, awesome listen that'll put a smile on your face and get you tapping you feet – and at that, it succeeds on all levels. It's infectious, and listening was a sheer delight; pop as it should be – fun and unashamed of it's levity. Life can be like pop, sometimes – but not nearly enough. I think we could all use some more hooks and 808's in our lives – Get more than your fair share with Pink and Purple. Check him out!

mp3: "Pink and Purple" by Alan Wilkis
mp3: "N.I.C.E." by Alan Wilkis

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