Thursday, July 2, 2009

wait for me by moby

It is always a distinct pleasure to write a review for an artist who feels like an old friend. While I've never met Moby, my life over the last ten years(!) has been scored by so much of his work, he might as well have a standing invitation to join us for pie at Real Foods Daily next time he's in town.

All this to say that while I didn't like last year's Last Night (It seems Moby has yet to tap into the all important dance music market: dance music for people who don't like to dance, and often don't like themselves1.), I couldn't help but feel excited over the possibly of Wait for Me (out now).

My hope was not unfounded. This the introspective and mornful Moby I remember falling for: gentle synths, female voices, and yes gospel-over-electronic tricks, bringing to mind the best elements of Everything is Wrong, Play, and Hotel...without regurgitation or repetition.

Blame David Lynch.

Inspired in response to a speech Lynch delivered about the concept of artistic freedom and creativity without market pressure, Moby cuddled up in his bedroom recoding studio with a few close friends, aiming to create, not just a single, but an honest-to-goodness-start-to-finish-album. Remember those? And from the obvious bedroom record dynamics, to the sharpie drawn cover-art, he's done just that.

Thank you.

Ironically, in creating a truly personal artistic expression, Moby has made yet another album ripe for cooperate sponsorship. Think you could get it nominated as the official Real Foods Daily soundtrack? I'd eat pie drink to that!

1. I only hope we can get the beats to those who need to hear them the most!

mp3: "Shot In the Back of the Head" by Moby

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