Sunday, August 2, 2009

resevoir by fanfarlo

Little known fact: The girl to the right is Sigurrós, sister guessed it, Sigur Rós lead singer, Jónsi Birgisson.

The more you know!

Fanfarlo is a British orchestral-pop outfit, featuring: strings, horns, handclaps, and a quirky Swedish singer. In a perfect world this is all I'd have to say. You'd jump up and down at the thought of a great new band, then we'd link arms and skip down to the pub--where the band would be buying rounds and leading sing-alongs.

Of course, that's not going to happen. The problem here is Fanfarlo defies being boiled down into a simple statement. I could say "next Arcade Fire." But then we'd just have an awkward moment of silence. I could also say that that lead singer Simon Balthazar sounds like a renegade Clap Your Hands Say Yeah member--but then the whole band would come under suspension and you'd start thinking "flash in the pan" rather than "layered orchestral dramatics with long term, multi-album potential." Do you see the quandary?

Balthazar recognizes the unexpected duality of his work. "I always try to write accessible lyrics that people will get and understand, but it always ends up as impenetrable. Then I attempt to write deep, serious and difficult music, and somehow it keeps coming out as pop."

Gosh...I hope he's not losing any sleep over it. With Zach Condon having final given in to his electronic urges, the world needs a new Beirut to bring a tear to their eye. With Clap Your Hands Say Yeah doing...well, whatever CYHSY is doing, we need another "...our generation's Talking Heads." The fact this contradictory package is all wrapped up in a single band also embodying a mix of light-hearted whimsy and emotional darkness rarely seen outside a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film? Even better.

mp3: "I'm a Pilot" by Fanfarlo
mp3: "Drownding Men (acoustic version)" by Fanfarlo

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