Friday, September 18, 2009

chairlift @ the troubadour

Seriously Chairlift, I love you. I really do. But...a headline set of eight songs and no encore? After June's killer Getty show, and of course the continuing Would-Be Hipster love affair with your debut album, I couldn't help but hope for a bit more. I'm happy you hit the highlights--"Le Flying Saucer Hat" is quite possibly one of my favorite new tunes. And who hasn't had a giddy moment while singling along to "Bruises?"(Which--for the record--you nailed.) It's just...huh?

In lieu of any additional content, I highly suggest you head on over to Eszter Zimanyi who has a top-notch video of "Garbage" from the set.


1. Garbage
2. Dixie Gypsy
3. Le Flying Saucer Hat
4. Evident Utensil
5. Territory
6. Planet Health
7. Earwig Town
8. Bruises


Eszter said...

you were at that show? no way! wish I would have known, I would have tried to find you and say hi haha. thanks for the plug!

Eszter said...

I am video obsessed. Are you going to see Amazing Baby at the Troubadour Wed? That's the next LA show I'll be at.