Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lend taken by trees a hand

After seeing her live, and being enchanted by her new album East of Eden, we're sad to think that others may not get a chance to see Victoria Bergsman (a.k.a. Taken By Trees) preform. The dilemma straight from the lady's mouth (or rather fingers):

Dear All

I never thought it would come to this, me pleading for your help and support. Here I am with a finalised album and a excellent band willing to help me out, making some shows. To keep the music alive. Then the bitter truth comes around and laughs me right in the face. Letting me know it is financially impossible. These hard times does affect all of us. So here I am at stuck at home like a stranded whale. Unable to do any shows simply because there is no money for musicians these days. It feels so sad and boring to poor this all over you. But I didn´t know where else to turn. I am now asking you if you have any ideas or suggestions in how to make this happen, making it possible for tbt to do some shows? Maybe you even have a jet-plane for what I know...Please don´t hesitate in letting us know.

We need all the help we can get.



mp3: "Tell Me (live)" by Taken By Trees
mp3: "Julia (live)" by Taken By Trees
mp3: "Watch the Waves" by Taken By Trees

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Delicious said...

wish I could help out here, but te life of a trendfucker is unfortunately as glamorous as one would think.