Tuesday, September 1, 2009

modest mouse @ grove of anaheim

Over the past week, my brain has filled with goo rendering all hints of intelligence null and void. Many will argue that this is how I live my life--and that no one can tell the difference. Honestly, who am I to argue? I'm goo girl. Surprisingly, as I discovered on Saturday, said goo often sounds not unlike the sweet cacophony of Modest Mouse live.

Interestingly enough, they did not play any of their singles that brought them to the sort of public attention that allows them to play a venue the size of the Grove of Anaheim. No "Dashboard." No "Ocean Breathes Salty." "Float On?" Hell no! Did I mind? Shockingly no. They had Isaac Brock's on-key but off-key voice. (I suspect he also knows the sound of one hand clapping.) They had two drummers. They had the whole freaking place throwing their hands up in the air as though they were moderately concerned. They even had the sort of power to make the audience wait though to longest gap ever between set and encore before they rewarded us with night closer, "The Good Times Are Killing Me." Killing me? No. Just a little tired and smokey. That's all.

Set list:

1. Invisible
2. Interstate 8
3. Gravity Rides Everything
4. The View
5. Autumn Beds
6. Black Cadillacs
7. The Whale Song
8. Fire It Up
9. Baby Blue Sedan
10. Shit Luck
11. Fly Trapped in a Jar
12. Here It Comes
13. Satellite Skin
14. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes


15. Talking Shit
16. 3rd Planet
17. Breakthrough
18. Good Times Are Killing Me

mp3: "Float On"(Ben Lee cover) – by Modest Mouse

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Guy Benjamin Brookshire said...

talking shit about a crazy sunset is one of the great songs. strange to feel old to say that, but it gave me hope when I was hopeless, once long ago