Wednesday, September 2, 2009

something to write home about reissue by the get up kids

Author's note: If anyone actually reads this blog on a quasi-regular basis, they'll know that I like the Get Up Kids. A lot. So I'll spare you the "this is why they're good" bit and assume that if you like them you'll read this, and if you don't, you'll find LMS's most recent entry on someone who's probably Swedish.

I now own three copies of The Get Up Kids' seminal sophomore album Something to Write Home About: the CD, released in 1999, a recently re-released record (on pink vinyl, no less), and now the 10-year anniversary, two-disc re-release of the CD, complete with an expanded booklet full of beautifully unnecessary photos of the boys. The second disc is a DVD featuring a live performance of the whole album performed start to finish at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas to a packed audience of crowd-surfing, iPhoning, hand-waving kids. The highlight of the re-release package – to a fan-geek like me – has to be the archival footage. The sound quality is terrible for most of the short snippets of live performances (including keyboardist James Dewees’s first show with the band, drummer Ryan Pope’s first show, and the band’s second show ever in some girl’s basement) but they’re so young and enthusiastic and lanky and in such dire need of haircuts, it's hard to not lose yourself in the emo-nerd-love just a little. Although I really do think Matt needs to bring back those mutton chops.

(As a comparison, check out this footage from the Bamboozle festival earlier this year. For bonus points: spot the Get Up Kid who’s been touring with Britt Daniel!1)

The re-issue is out September 8, and they’re touring in support of it2. You should see them.

1. Damn Spoon.
2. I met a guy at the recent Weakerthans show who had been at the same GUK show I was at earlier this year. He didn’t think it was very good. I didn’t tell him at the time, but he was wrong.


Adam Reyna said...

I have the reissue vinyl and I just got it signed tonight!

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