Sunday, September 6, 2009

spells by the happy hollows

I'll make this short and snappy--it's nearing the end of the holiday weekend, you need a good soundtrack to your assorted adventures or while venturing around town. Those darn Silver Lake kids have you covered...

Karen O should be afraid. Very afraid. Coming across like a streetwise version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sarah Negahdari and the Happy Hollows are out to take no prisoners. If their Imaginary EP was like a brief flirty bar encounter, this is a full-fledged slap across the face...with a gigantic hug and hot fudge sundae thrown in for good measure.

"Death to Vivek Kemp" plays like a childhood punk rock fantasy--a perfect ad hoc theme song for a band that seems to like ponies and rainbows as much as they do riotous riffs and frenzied drumming. And album centerpiece "Lieutenant" is simply breathtaking--a multi-movement power-house that's sure to that sure to shake out the cobwebs while scaring a few neighbors along the way. But rather than pick and chose favorites, I highly suggest consuming Spells as a whole--preferably with the car stereo cranked up to eleven and the speed at "65."

Party on.

mp3: "Lieutenant" by Happy Hollows

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