Monday, October 5, 2009

frightened rabbit @ the knitting factory

Last week three of the Would-be Hipsters headed off to the Knitting Factory in Hollywood for a night of Scottish indie-rock perfection. Well, almost.

First opener was We Were Promised Jetpacks, who were brilliant. Loud, just poppy enough, great bass lines, clever lyrics, totally adorable and Scottish. I don't know how I've not had them in my life for so long. They've become my new walking-to-lunch music, and last week it took every ounce of composure not to dance down Fairfax while singing the chorus of "Quiet Little Voices." 1

Second opener was The Twilight Sad, a fairly well known act that I'd managed to avoid. They were kinda boring, the drummer took most of the set to figure out how to drum, the guitarist was glued to his whammy bar, and the singer was keeping most of his personality in his cardigan. I think it's official that I don't like shoegaze, even if it's with a Scottish accent.2 See what you think.

But then there was Frightened Rabbit, who are incredible live. And as enchanting as singer Scott Hutchinson is, drumming brother Grant sort of steals the show. At the end of their set (I believe the song was "Heads Roll Off" but I could be completely wrong), all the other members of the band wandered off stage, leaving Grant to finish the set in an epic drum solo, where he basically turned into Animal of the Muppets. Which was fantastic because Grant was wearing a t-shirt with Animal's head printed on it. Oh yes.

Scott was, however, responsible for the greatest band-heckle I've ever witnessed. A young guy in the crowd yelled, "I take showers to you!" during a brief break between songs, and Hutchinson assured him that he showers to the kid as well, with photos taped to the tiles, and how he should probably get them laminated. He also insisted that we in the crowd not applaud or cheer after one song, because they perform every night and are sick of all that ridiculous clapping – they wanted bored noises instead. Yawning at Frightened Rabbit was probably the hardest thing I've done all summer, and I just finished moving to a third-floor apartment…

It's also worth noting that they played two new songs, as they've recorded a new album. If those tracks are anything to go by, the next album will be brilliant, and provide an excellent for them to tour again.

mp3: "Ships With Holes Will Sink" by We Were Promised Jetpacks
mp3: "Don't" by Frightened Rabbit

1. LMS was not moved by WWPJP. I don't know what's wrong with her.
2. LMS liked them. Our Southwestern component, cev, had seen the same show earlier in the tour, and agreed with ako and myself, thus proving that we are in fact right, and LMS is, sadly, wrong in every way.

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Rondell said...

Where the hell these white people bands come up with these names?! It's just crazy y'all!